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The Center for Knowledge Communication develops advanced technology to improve teaching and learning. Current focus is on the psychology of human learning, strategies for effective teaching, and the dynamics of human-machine interactions. Researchers build computer systems that encode a deep understanding of the domain, the tutoring process, and the presumed . . . More

  2009 Awards   2010 Award
Ivon Arroyo, Beverly P. Woolf, David Cooper, Winslow Burleson, Kasia Muldner  International Conference of Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2011) Athens, Georgia, July 2011 In Press
Minghui Tai, Beverly P. Woolf, Ivon Arroyo   International Conference of Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2011) Athens, Georgia, July 2011   In Press
Imran A. Zualkernan, Ivon Arroyo, Beverly P. Woolf   International Conference of Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2011) Athens, Georgia, July 2011   In Press
Ivon Arroyo, Hasmik Mehranian, Beverly P. Woolf   Journal of Educational Data Mining (JEDM)  In Press
Beal, C. R., Arroyo, I., Cohen, P. R., & Woolf, B. P.   (2010) Journal of Interactive Online Learning  In Press
Ivon Arroyo, James M. Royer, Beverly Park Woolf   International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education. Selected Best Papers from ITS 2010 conference In Press



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Building Interactive Intelligent Tutors


Dr. Woolf's research focuses on building systems to effectively train, explain and advise users. Extended multimedia capabilities are integrated with knowledge about the user, domain and dialogue to produce real-time performance support and on-demand advisory and tutoring systems. The tutoring systems use intelligent interfaces, inferencing mechanisms, cognitive models and modifiable software to improve a computer's communicative abilities. These systems . . .MORE

Dr. Arroyo

Ivon Arroyo is a Research Scientist at the Computer Science Department, University of Massachusetts Amherst. In her interdisciplinary role, she has carried out top research at the forefront of education, computer science and psychology, co-authoring about 50 research articles at the forefront of the three disciplines.

From the EDUCATION perspective, she has researched and created learning software. . .more

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